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Hi, thanks for visiting the Mike Henry Travel Insurance website. If you have previously insured with us, thanks heaps for that!

If you’re looking for insurance for a holiday / trip you are thinking of taking soon, please be aware we have retired Mike Henry Travel Insurance, but do visit State Travel Insurance or AMI Travel Insurance, review the policy - and if it suits your needs, buy and safe travels!

If you’re an existing policy holder with Mike Henry Travel Insurance and have a query or claim to make, please contact us toll free on 0800 657 744.

Emergency Assistance 


If you want to make a claim on your travel cover whilst you are still overseas you can call us toll free (reverse charge), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on:


Australia 1800 047 648
​United Kingdom 0800 234 0265 
​United States
1866 206 9794 
​Canada 1855 254 3645
​All Other countries

+64 9 969 5550 (Reverse charge calls accepted from overseas)


Your Policy 

Click here to download a copy of the Policy Wording for the Travel Easy Travel Insurance policy.